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albert oehlen,
19.03.2002 - 10.04.2002

albert oehlen - 2002

On Tuesday 19 March at 8.00 pm, the Alfonso Artiaco gallery is honored to announce the inauguration of the first solo exhibition in Italy by the German artist Albert Oehlen (born in Krefeld in 1954).

Oehlen has returned from important solo exhibitions including "Terminal Erfrischung. Computercollagen und Malerei" Kestner-Gesellschaft - Hannover Kerlin Gallery - Dublin, Checkers “, Bärbel Grässlin Gallery - Frankfurt, Luhring Augustine Gallery - New York" Pinturas y Dibujos ", Juana Gallery de Aizpuru, Seville, and at the Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica

The artist will present five paintings, created specifically for this occasion.
Oehlen is certainly among the German artists the one who broke away from the expressionist tradition of German artistic culture, bringing about a decisive change. Through the use of experimental materials and tools of the new technology he managed to synthesize in his research a language that is the distinctive feature of a pictorial analysis already of the future.
On display, some works made with traditional pictorial materials (oil on canvas) will be presented; despite this, the choice of colors, the type of intervention on the support, seem to characterize a type of contemporary representation that wants to impose the need for one's presence in a world that both politically and aesthetically seems to give legitimacy only to new technologies.
His works are a "scream" towards the world, the gesture of a man, the artist, who, in order to show himself to others, must with violence and energy, dragging with him all that life itself has given him.

albert oehlen - 2002

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