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andres serrano
l'inferno di dante
20.01.1994 - 30.03.1994

At Alfonso Artiaco gallery, Corso Terracciano 56 in Pozzuoli, on Thursday 20, the exhibition "L'inferno di Dante" (Dante's Inferno) by the Spanish-American artist Andres Serrano will be inaugurated.
The theme of the exhibition is the interiors of churches in a sort of itinerary that ends, in fact, in the Campi Flegrei, the place where the entrance to Hades and the descent into hell was located for Dante in the Divine Comedy.
The presence evoked by the great poet, takes the place of Virgil, and accompanies Serrano in a mystical reflection on properly sacred themes and transfiguring objects, interior details and pagan elements such as the Discobolus, Hercules punishing Diomedes, the bust of Dante, with baroque cuts and suggestive technical interventions.
For example, in the creation of some of his works, the artist used urine to create extremely special light effects and transparencies.
This technical solution, while not diminishing the symbolic value of the object, has often led to controversial judgments, especially when it was used for sacred subjects; just think of Christ immersed in urine that scandalized American and European critics and audiences.
This production arrived before "La Morgue" cycle of works, in which Serrano portrayed the corpses in the morgue, which he presented at the last Venice Biennale.

For this occasion, Serrano preferred to present an unpublished work in order not to re-propose already known ones by the Italian public, documenting in full at an important moment of his brilliant activity as a photographer.
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