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ann veronica janssens
09.02.2007 - 18.03.2007

ann veronica janssens - 2007

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition by Ann Veronica Janssens on Friday 09th February at 7.30 pm. 

At the beginning of her artistic process Ann Veronica Janssens proposed what se calls "super space", the "spatial extension of existing architecture". The spectator was invited to penetrate these spaces, confronting at once their materiality and the underlying void. For the artist it was a question of rendering fluid the perception of matter of architecture by resorting to light as a disruptive element.
It 's with works such as Aquarium (1992) that this idea of dematerialisation really comes to the fore: an aquarium filled with water, with a bubble of silicon on its surface. This liquid sphere becomes a lens in which the surrounding architecture comes to be reflected. This was followed by the deployment of forms such as the cone and the circle-conceived as transitory elements generative of different projects.
Thus for example the work entitled Representation d'un corps rond of 1996, which consist of a cyber light projecting a luminous ray in a dark room. Other experimentation will follow ranging from coloured mists to projections of stroboscopic light….
Ann Veronica Janssen's sculptures produce the losses of points of reference, some disturbs of the perception and temporal expansions.
For the exhibition Light Games at the Neue National Galerie outside the museum on the esplanade around the glass museum was a pavilion with transparent, coloured sides that was filled with artificial mist. If you went into the pavilion, you walked through pure colour, colour that was released from a visible support. The colours were combined in thousands of variations. At the same time visitor to the transparent museum could walk around with mirrors, they could ride round on bicycles whose wheels were covered with light –reflecting, engraved aluminium disks, and they could enjoy an aquarium with a floating, spherical lens made of liquid silicones.
For her first show at the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery Ann Veronica Janssens shows a sculpture, which produce a three-dimensional shape from the mix of color effects and of the fog, one dichroic projection and Tropical Paradise.

ann veronica janssens - 2007

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