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ann veronica janssens
12.02.2010 - 23.03.2010

ann veronica janssens - 2010

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition by Ann Veronica Janssens on 12 February at 7.30 pm, the artist will be present.

"Nothing is more beautiful than individual perception" (Ann Veronica Janssens)

Thanks to an original approach to the study of materials, begun in the 80s, and an interest in the phenomena of "reduction", Janssens bases her investigation on the "manifestation" of the elusive. The diversity of the media and their possible variations help the artist in avoiding to capture the elusive but rather to experience the many forms that this can assume.
Since her first "constructions", spatial extensions of existing architectures (Villa Gillet in Lyon, 1989) to Horror Vacui (Belgian pavilion at the 1999 Venice Biennale) or to her interventions such as Blue, Red and Yellow (2001) and Stella (2006) the encounter between the viewer / body and the space becomes a sensory experience. The modified space after the intervention is initially perceived by the viewer in a "foreign" way who later assumes a different awareness of the same space and the movement through it.
Precisely for this reason Ann Veronica Janssens describes her proposed sculptures as studies and experiments, based on technical or scientific facts. The works become evidence of the artist's research and the will to suggest to the visitor "a loss of control, the absence of the arrogance of materiality, the attempt to escape from the tyranny of the object" (Ann Veronica Janssens). The spatio-temporal experiences, obtained thanks to elements such as light, colour and / or sound, are closer to the practice of hypnosis but with the desire to return to reality rather than escape from it.

Ann Veronnica Janssens returns to the Alfonso Artiaco gallery after her first solo show held in 2007, showing the evolution of her "experiments". This can be seen in her exhibition that even when her work deals with sculptures, where plasticity is placed in the foreground, as in Plastilon, Verre d'eau (2009), the shape and the material used tell of refraction of light and the plastic possibilities inherent in everyday materials.
In IPN, 3m (2010), a long raw steel beam machined and mirrored on one side is tilted towards the light, generating an effect similar to liquefaction. The space is filled with a depth obtained by its own reflection.
The two videos Oscar (2009) and La boule (2009) that accompany the sculptures tell in a different way the changing of space and time.

ann veronica janssens - 2010

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