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ann veronica janssens
05.04.2012 - 12.05.2012

ann veronica janssens - 2012

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Ann Veronica Janssens's solo show, on Thursday 5th of April at 7.30 pm, the artist will be present.

Ann Veronica Janssens for her third solo show at Alfonso Artiaco gallery (previous ones in 2007 and in 2010), will exhibit the new sculptural works in the main space and a selection of videos in the Project Space of the gallery.
Ann Veronica Janssens' artistic practice could be defined as an exploratory journey into the sensorial experience of reality. Using different devices and media installations, projections, immersive environments, urban interventions, sculptures , she invites the viewer to cross the threshold towards a new sensory space, on the borderline of dizziness and bedazzlement. In a register inspired by cognitive processes, her works tend toward a certain minimalism, underscoring the fleeting, ephemeral or fragile character of what she is proposing. Spatialization and distribution of light, radiant colour, and translucent or reflective surfaces all serve to reveal the instability of our perception of time and space. Properties of matter (gloss, lightness, transparency, fluidity) and physical phenomena (reflection, refraction, perspective, balance, waves) are rigorously investigated for their ability to destabilize the very concept of materiality.

"The situations created by me are not reducible to (more or less spectacular) formal effects, but must be perceived in a context that could be considered political. [] They are ephemeral sculptures whose action consists of being dispersed in a given space, infiltrating this space rather than imposing upon it. In effect, I investigate the permeability of contexts (architectural/social/cultural/political) even as I propose a form of deconstruction that fragments our perception of these contexts [] What is foregrounded, then, is the fragility of signs rather than their strength.
Gazing at mist is an experience with contrasting effects. It appears to abolish all obstacles, materiality, the resistances specific to a given context, and at the same time, it seems to impart a materiality and tactility to light. [] One moves in a space bathed in light, groping one's way, without constraints and apparently without limits. One's perception of time is transformed, there's a slowing down if not a suspension. [] All the markers have disappeared; the light illuminates nothing that could authorise our wandering. One's eyes become glazed, one experiences a kind of amnesia, and one is returned to an interior space opening onto unheard of perspectives". (Ann Veronica Janssens)

ann veronica janssens - 2012

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