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anri sala
18.12.2004 - 30.01.2005

Anri Sala, born in 1974 in Tirana in Albania, is one of the most highly regarded young artists on the international scene. His films, videos and photographs have given rise to personal exhibitions in the most prestigious international museums, during 2004, at the Arc Musče d'Art Moderne in Paris with the exhibition "Entre Chien et Loup" and at the Art Institute of Chicago. He also participated in the last three editions of the Venice Biennale (2003- Utopia Station, 2001, 1999).
If in Anri Sala's first films socio-political topics related to individual experiences are predominant, his video production evolves to research and focus on the formal game that binds sound, light and language.

The film "Interview", for example, shows the testimony on the history of a post-communist country through the comparison that the artist's mother has with her past, while the video "Give me the colours" in relation to the recovery intervention of the facades of the buildings in Tirana, promoted by the mayor of Tirana Edi Rama, delivers the reflection of Anri Sala on colour. "I was interested in the colour project when it started (…). For the first time I could see a city, where colour is no longer perceived as a simple aesthetic fact, where colour means more, becoming a signal or a reminder. (...) At this point I realized that the important was the impact of colour and the need, the desire to change, no longer the colour itself". On the opposite side, some videos are characterized by a strong formal research with a "minimalist" character, where the moving image becomes almost static as if to bring painting closer.
All of Anri Sala's works pay particular attention to the evocative power of sounds and words. From live noises - city sounds, animal noises - to music or words, sound is not a background element. For Anri Sala, sound represents a language being developed, which differs in every place according to history and economy, demonstrating that when the political organization of a country falls, then the grammar of a language is also lost.
Two videos will be presented at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery: THREE MINUTES and Untitled, both from this year. In these works, with a minimalist imprint, the artist suggests the possibility of creating an intimate relationship with a wider universe, through a situation of particular and controlled light. Of THREE MINUTES Anri Sala says: "I selected an ordinary object that has a singular task - its reason for existing - and I filmed it doing its task in a controlled light situation. I edit frame by frame the film removes gradually the object from its normative associations. I was interested in creating a new efficiency for the object, which should have stood up to initial expectations: the real reason why it was produced. (...) During this momentum, this musical instrument, (the drum plate) challenges its original usefulness, suggesting a reconsideration "in a new light".

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