alfonso artiaco
alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986


Anri Sala was born in Tirana in 1974. He lives and works in Berlin.

Anri Sala’s body of works encompasses video installations, sculptures, photographs, drawings, books, performances and musical scores.
His transformative, time-based works are constructed through multiple relationships between image, architecture and sound, utilizing these as elements to fold, capsize and question experience. His works investigate ruptures in language, syntax, and music, inviting creative dislocations that generate new interpretations of history, replacing old fictions and narratives with new, less explicit and less hypocritical ones. Sala pulls out of reality details that, poetically transfigured, reveal unusual aspects of the present. Very often, adopting the point of view of minor characters, his videos tell of the great themes of existence, transforming small narratives into universal stories. Over time, sound and music have become increasingly important in his works and exhibitions, where they mix and reproduce themselves all around the exhibition space like the members of an unusual orchestra, offering the visitor an all-round sensory experience.

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