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botto & bruno
A concrete town is coming
16.02.2006 - 27.03.2006

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Botto & Bruno's solo show, "A concrete town is coming", on Thursday 16 February at 19.30, the artists will be present.

Botto & Bruno will show a site-specific plan about the transformations undergone by contemporary towns.

The photography sequence, "before the concrete town", placed at the entrance of the gallery, is the show's prologue and remembers the poetic of Botto & Bruno, with the goodbye kept for same (certain) architectures (buildings) of the suburbs, places without economic value but with a strong sense of belonging and of identity for their own inhabitants, these places are the urban wings (scenes) where the memory of the artists' childhood is projected and kept.

A big installation evokes a cinematographic room of second release, it is a structure and a point of aggregation, which was once typical urban landscapes, and (slowly) afterwards destroyed or used again for other purposes. In the cinema Botto & Bruno project the video "a concrete town", it has been shot during a rainy day, where (we can see) they see some workers are busy repairing the road surface of a square. The rain against the heat of the asphalt causes (produces) a vapour and in a short time the zone (area) is submerged from the fog [in a short time the fog submerges the zone]. The workers appear and disappear inside the vapour: it is perceived a temporal slowdown. If the redevelopment of the square is operated from the workers [if the workers operate the redev. of the square], on the contrary same children, riding a bicycle, will regain possession of the place between the sunbeam and the vapour.

Behind this structure, an only fotocollage covers the end of the gallery: an image of ruins, of fragment, of rubble, which remembers the lost buildings. The image of ruins expands on the floor, where it is possible to see asphalt, gully-hole and dead-end (tracks). The only building, withstood this destruction, is the old cinema, echo of the recent post-industrial past. At the back of the cinema, a "fanzine" is put on the floor and it collects same article of the newspapers about the recent rebellion (revolt) of the Parisian "banlieues".
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