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alfonso artiaco
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botto & bruno
06.06.2014 - 01.08.2014

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition by Botto & Bruno, Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at 19.00, the artists will be present. 

"Our starting point has been a sentence by Jan McEwan which says: 'You do things and then you die'. That is why our characters have decided to do things in order for the territory not to die. 
The gestures enacted by those characters are simple, non-sensational actions that want to give an input to those who look at them not to be subjected to situations that seem to have no way out at the first sight. 
In our recent works we inquiry the relation between figure and landscape (trying to understand how people can help the territory to be saved), the relationship between humans and the environment, and the fact that the dialectic between city and nature will be the only possible way to give back life and future to our cities. 

Looking at the exhibition space we worked both on the macro and micro level. A great wallpaper presents a large scale figure. The landscape in the background has no buildings of any kind, only sky and earth separated from the character in the foreground by a wire mesh, which has a whole that allows a dialogue between the figure and the landscape. The character, whose face is not visible, holds in his hands a pair of scissors and a long strip of landscape; it is as if she or he was building her or his own way of reading the world, a very personal vision. 
The figures that appear in the other wall pieces are all quite big and captured while using their homemade megaphones, speaking to those who want to listen. They speak towards the environment. We do not know what they are saying but each of us can answer this question with his own sensibility. It is a mental dialogue, a last attempt to relate to their surroundings. A way to reconcile with the landscape after years of abuse.

Other small works are installed along the perimeter of another room. We liked the idea that the landscape would become like a soundtrack, a flow of images that tells the never-ending changes of the territory. The idea is to walk silently through the rooms of the gallery, after so much noise and confusion, listening to nature, that finally has prevailed on architecture and surrounds us in a sort of embrace." (Botto & Bruno)

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