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darren almond
12.11.2010 - 12.01.2011

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Darren Almond's solo exhibition, on Friday, November 12th at 7:30 pm, the artist will be present.

The continued interest of Darren Almond in themes such as time and place and collective and personal memory, this time, carries the English artist to face Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia and to draw his inspiration from the journey this literary work narrates, from Hell to Paradise, through Purgatory.

Darren Almond's reflections and researches, in this exhibition, are evoked by his train plates. In the UK, as well as in others countries, the ceremonies of a new train is characterized by the act of placing a metal plate on which is engraved the name chosen for the train on both sides of the engine. Often, with time, this name becomes associated with the railway line and then to a specific journey. 
As a result, Darren Almond chose to use the train plates set along the walls of the gallery to draw a path that comes to (starts from) the work titled "Guided by the Stars" 2010, three sculpture in cast iron (INFERNO), cast aluminium (PURGATORIO) and cast bronze (PARADISO), on which are inscribed the names of the three canticles of Dante.

In the middle of the space of the exhibition, in a sort of symbolism, is presented the video "Bearing" which describes a day of a miner in the sulphurous volcano in Java, Indonesia. The images follow the worker along the path from the collection of heavy blocks of sulphur to the far ends of the volcano. The environment in which he works is dipped in an acid smoke and his only protection is a piece of cloth worn over his mouth. 
The English artist comes from a family of miners, so he knows the sufferings they go through and he says that this video is not a documentary but a collection of pure emotion.

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