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david tremlett
Form & Rhythm
05.05.2015 - 05.06.2015

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition by David Tremlett on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at 7 pm, in the presence of the artist.

For his sixth solo show at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery entitled Form & Rhythm, David Tremlett presents 13 new works - pastel on paper - started from sketches he made in Japan and Vietnam in 2012.

The form (shapes, solid, constructed, the object) and its placement within Rhythm (balance, touch, movement, proximity, colour) is the constructed tempo of each drawing. (David Tremlett)

The artworks of the artist, born in Cornwall in 1945, with a strong architectural approach, appear to be handled flat sculptures. His compositions consist of geometric arrangements, abstract creations of forms, but at the same time combinations are built on purely abstract elements that give off the sensual joy of color and tone, while the relationship among the geometries is the experiences of the artist.

Since the 70's, in every work David Tremlett, showers his own experience mainly characterized by his voyages around the world. The different cultures he met from time to time, and the sensations, shower again in his works in the form of signs, colours and shapes. 
He develops then the notes of the travel, of the landscape and about the feelings experienced during their journeys: writings, drawings, photographs, films or recordings. Even the materials used are suitable for any type of luggage: graphite and sheets of small size. Each sheets will collect the notes of the artist in order to become part of a geometric shape in future work.

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