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david tremlett
13 Diptychs | Room 5 - Wall Drawing
02.03.2020 - 31.07.2020

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of David Tremlett' solo show, Saturday 29 February 2020 at 11 am,the artist will be present.

David Tremlett comes back at Galleria Alfonso Artiaco for his Sixth solo show (previously in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 ad in 2015).

The 13 diptychs Build are the continuation of works made on paper and on walls over the last 3 years, by David Tremlett. Each work deals with the sculptural construction of the 'drawn form'. The diptychs are the assembling of 4 and 5-sided geometric forms, each of these forms have volume, colour, weight and balance. Each diptych speaks of positive and negative, left and right and maybe male and female. The use of geometry, colour and the pastel rubbed onto paper by hand has been a trademark of Tremlett's work for 40 years. His language is sculptural, is about drawing and about space.

In Room 5 there will be a new wall drawing specifically made for the 7 mouldings that make up the surface of the room.

Imina Baragain, 2020

The works by David Tremlett have a strong architectural approach and appear as animated two-dimensional sculptures. His compositions consist of geometric arrangements, abstract creations of shapes and, at the same time, combination built on purely abstract elements. Giving the sense of the seductive joy of colours and hues, while the relationship among the geometries tells about the experiences of the artist himself.

In his production there is the essential link between landscape (in both cultural and a purely geographical sense), architecture and the experience of space. The art of David Tremlett is the arrival point of a long journey, though his conceptual experience, to the elaboration of a language which is based on an absolute synthesis of forms, volumes, lights and colours.

After the strongly conceptual stamp of the beginning, with the time passing after a long journey in Australia and frequent visits to Italy in the early 1970s, Tremlett has come to elaborate a language condensed into evermore-simplified words and graphic signs. These seek to attribute artistic status to the experiences of everyday life. It is after his long stay in Africa (1978) that he discovers the technique of painting large surfaces by hand using dry, coloured pigments. As said after his long stay in Italy - I was surrounded by frescos of Giotto, Piero della Francesca and Mantegna (). I was absorbed by colour and I felt I had to change my way of drawing is this the moment in which the colour began to invade his black and white drawings.

The drawings on paper have greater linguistic affinities with the environmental interventions (museums walls, buildings, houses, galleries and sacred spaces as churches and chapels) of which the drawings are often the step immediately before. These actions are Tremlett's personal visual translation of the interpretation he wishes to give to a space. Colours, signs and forms overlap to the pre-existing structures which they are addressed to, transforming the way they are seen.

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