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Born in 1945 in St. Austell, Cornwall (UK). He lives and works in Bovingdon (U.K.).

David Tremlett is an artist and a long-time traveller of many continents who has turned wall and ceiling drawing into a key element of his artistic practice alongside many works on paper. Through the combination of signs, shapes and colours, he builds an experience of a place he remembers, a song he heard, a conversation he had, giving a new life to what is now no longer "inhabited" or “available.”

Tremlett’ wall drawings and works on paper, one mirroring the other, are drawn with pastel pigments where the colours and the geometric compositions define space in a new and fresh architectural manner. His works seem to suggest us to think in terms of the unknown space, wondering how walls, ceilings and windows can work and interact with each other. Although predominantly two-dimensional in its result, whether on paper or on a wall, Tremlett's work has a strong sculptural character which makes it easily identifiable, as his practice has always been sculptural rather than painterly.

In fact, the artist massages the pigment powder with his fingertips and the palms of his hands, spreading it out with full force as if to mould a form or figure and, as in sculpture, creating a shape, a volume, appropriating the flat surface and thus transforming a wall or ceiling into a conversation between the old with the new and thus the future.

When confronted by a work by Tremlett, and even more when we are given the opportunity to be surrounded by one of his installations, our initial reaction is to allow the shapes and the energy of the colours to pass us by, but even stronger is a desire to walk around it, just as when dealing with a three dimensional sculpture.

There is a constant redefinition of the space that surrounds the artwork. The places are transformed, the surfaces are redefined, the physiognomy is emphasized, adding new meaning to it: the artist’s graphic intervention within the space seems to be the natural extension of the architectural element.

Tremlett’s work is an invitation to concentrate, to respect the harmony between inside and outside, the old and the new.

His long-term aim is in the endless quest for new objects, new ideas and therefore new art.

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