alfonso artiaco
alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986

davide minuti
28.03.2003 - 01.05.2003

On Friday March 28th Alfonso Artiaco allery opens the Davide Minuti‘s exhibition “folding”

“I frequently wonder which circumstances determine my “active” experience - the one present in the “here and now” - and how many elements have led me to a certain point, and could define the next experience.” 

In the exhibition “Folding”, Davide Minuti proposes a path, based on the research of a space boundary, created by the work of art, that also underlines the relation between body and space to suggest a state of variation, the possibility for man to modify, to fold or to envelop the work.
Update 04 presents the definition of a boundary, a limit always modifiable in its presence. Once this presence has been determinated, three couples of nunchaku, made in six different materials, are disposed in the gallery. These instruments gather in their form the function and the possibility of movement, they reveal the body discipline and the relation of body with space. With Unplugged, an element is added to the exhibition: a bar lays down in one gallery’s angle as a wanted location; but its disposition can be changed, modified. The word Folding aims to denote a function, the relation of variation that exits between the element shown.

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