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davide minuti
18.09.2007 - 20.10.2007

Alfonso Artiaco is pleased to announce the opening of Davide Minuti's solo exhibition :in/out, on Tuesday, September 18th at 7.30 pm.
The artist will attend the opening.

After his solo exhibition in 2003, and the installation at Pan | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli for the show Dedica, Davide Minuti returns to Galleria Alfonso Artiaco with the exhibition: in/out. In the Piazza dei Martiri space, the artist will be presenting a site-specific project, based on a particular aspect of gallery work: its bureaucracy, or,  more specifically, its correspondence. The exhibition consists of two installations – of different nature, but mutually integrating – meant to highlight the relationship between the exhibition space and its use, between public and private.
A glass table in the far end of the gallery becomes an inbox for paper mail, whereas printed-out electronic mail is collected in a binder, set on a glass shelf on the opposite side: both paper and electronic correspondence – filed and selected by the gallery itself, and including strictly private and confidential as well as official information – will be available for the public to browse through.
Minuti's second installation sets the first one in a space deprived of pre-existing lighting through a darkening intervention. The two neon lines (typical of contemporary art galleries) are painted black: by creating these blind lights, the work of collecting documents is completed by the people who look at them, thus enhancing the viewer's experience with a performative element involving the space itself and those attending it.

«The space this performative element takes place in will be reduced to the minimum, in order to focus the attention on the information input, all the while removing brightness from the original, pre-existing lighting of the space. The work will thus produce an output of considerations on the nature of the exhibition space and the role it plays in selecting and telling apart what to exhibit and what to left behind the scenes.
The idea of turning the informative/functional/private input into a public fact meant for public use is in line with the approach I have embraced in most of my work, which is to follow through forces already existing in a subject, place or thought. The element of process typical of some phenomena invests them with a kind of physical life, or vitality, which is a subject previous to any consideration relating to specific contexts. 
With :in/out I wanted to give shape to a private dimension and to the viewer's curiosity by treating as exhibition material things that are usually functional and current, letting people – including myself – watch a gallery becoming a portrait of itself, an established institution turning its correspondence into a self-portrait by sedimentation.» (Davide Minuti)

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