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gioberto noro
16.09.2010 - 06.11.2010

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the solo exihibition of the two artists Gioberto Noro, on Thursday, 16th September 2010, 07,30 p.m the artists will be present.

The second exhibition proposed in the new Project Space of the Alfonso Artiaco gallery is devoted to the duo Gioberto Noro. Sergio Gioberto and Marilena Noro, both professional photographers and Frank Hovart's students / assistants, decided in 2005 to sign their works together.
The photography, the medium they chose, is seen by the artists both as the highest expression of the alienation of the Western culture and as the possibility to recover the physical reality. The works Giobero Noro have chosen to show in this occasion belong to the trilogy "Sguardi ad Occidente" (Looks to the West), 2002/2008.
The relationship with Western culture is clearly expressed already in the title, but what they investigate is the idea that to protect the mind from the incursions of the irrational, men have raised inner walls that paralyse the look of the world. 
So the first part of this trilogy was born: Camera, where Camera # 7, 2008 is shown in exhibition. The title of Giobert Noro's initial reflection contains the double meaning of housing units (camera in Italian means room) and the short form for the English word 'photocamera'.
The photos Camera are images formed by models of small-scale sets coated by cement surfaces shot in full scale.
These installations, assembled with panels of wood fiber, are placed on trucks and move randomly in the studio until they intercept the lights that identify them.
 'This works investigate the nature of photographic inspiration and operation which moves between a physical and internal reality, a natural and artificial world; between a necessary rationality and a psychism which is emotionally referable to the themes of divine possession' (Fabrizio Parachini).
In 2006, the second part of the trilogy follows: Civilization, also present in this exhibition with Limes and Echoes, both made in 2010. This series of works explores the paradoxes performed by human intervention in the environment. The assembly of different images, now, brings together the natural vegetation with concrete wings. These images, less abstract and more articulate, want to show the peculiarity of the landscape as a theatre: some hidden place where impulses and duress hold a dialogue.

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