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Giovanni Anselmo was born in Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Turin) in 1934. He lives and works in Turin.

Giovanni Anselmo is considered as one of the legendary artists in the contemporary art scene, one of the first to be included by Germano Celant among the founders of the Arte Povera movement in 1967.

The research on different materials and the possibility to suggest through them the physical and immaterial energies that animate the art work, has always been the focus of Giovanni Anselmo’s artistic research. He works on the combination of various materials which, due to their different characteristics, either agree or clash with each other, generating a tension within the work that extends to the surrounding space.

Organic and inorganic, natural and technological, hot and cold, light and heavy are some of the dialectical couples on which the artist works; the coexistence and reconciliation of opposite materials and phenomena extends also to the conceptual plane, where Anselmo investigates the relationship between finite and infinite, visible and invisible. What is important for Giovanni Anselmo is what is visible of the material and the invisible energy within the object itself, which shows through the effects of its impact on the world. In fact, the artist believes that “most of reality is invisible and it is the visible things that give us the possibility of deducing the invisible.” All this, from a visual and formal point of view translates into a linguistic gesture of extreme rigor and simplicity.

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