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giuseppe penone, ... tra ...
25.10.2009 - 05.12.2009

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the inauguration of Giuseppe Penone's solo exhibition on 28 October at 7.30 pm, in the presence of the artist.

Giuseppe Penone presents for his fourth solo exhibition at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery (the first in 1988, and to follow in 1996 and 2003) a large unpublished work designed specifically for the space in Piazza dei Martiri.
The founding themes of his artistic research also reappear on this occasion: from the comparison with the natural elements to the contact of one's body on these elements and the following organic process of metamorphosis.
In the composition of this new work, the artist, in fact, uses two elements that have always animated his sculptures: trees and bronze. The former are the constant presence of his work (and defined by the artist as 'the very material of his work'), despite the fact that over the years they have undergone aesthetic and symbolic changes. The bronze, the material with which his intervention is made, on the other hand, has a double interpretative function: on the one hand it recovers an ancient element of sculpture, on the other, thanks to its properties, it takes on colors in its vegetal patina, a specific patina from atmospheric agents as for the coloring of vegetables.

Giuseppe Penone's “gestures” have been, since 1968, accompanied by photographs, drawings and annotations as parts of a process that ultimately becomes sculpture. And also of this exhibition the title "..... BETWEEN ....." echoes in a short thought written by the artist, a moment of reflection:

"one thought among others,
between the earth and the sky,
between day and night,
between ear and ear,
between the feet and the hair,
between black and white,
between two walls. "
(Giuseppe Penone, 2009)

Personals by Giuseppe Penone (Garessio, 1947) have been set up in numerous museums and galleries around the world, including: the Kunstmuseum in Lucerne (1977), the Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden (1978), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, 1984), the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris (1984), the Center Pompidou (2004), the Museum Kurhaus (Kleve, 2006-2007), MAMbo, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (2008 )
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