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glen rubsamen
Gleaming and Inaccessible
15.09.2017 - 21.10.2017

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the solo exhibition of Glen Rubsamen on Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 7 pm. The artist will be present

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is glad to present the fourth exhibition of works by Los Angeles painter Glen Rubsamen entitled Gleaming and Inaccessible - the previous ones in 2004, 2008, 2012. 

The Gallery located on the Piazzetta Nilo in Naples will exhibit twelve paintings in which Rubsamen makes a visual taxonomy of Los Angeles. Rubsamen's paintings achieve a sophisticated confluence of the natural and the man made as representations of the complex relationship between technology, nature and culture in the Southern California. His paintings delight in juxtaposing the graphic qualities of these elements, abstracted from photographs; they depict the collapsed relationship of shapes in the landscape. The natural is flattened: skies are reduced to colour gradients while trees become textured silhouettes. Because his focus is up toward the sky or across a distant horizon, what exists close by and at street level is cropped. It is only the man-made (billboards, transmission towers, radar installations and lamp posts) that are rendered with detail and dimensionality. Rubsamen's paintings develop the mythology of Los Angeles: an expanse of endless sky, sprawling development, and the brutality of organization and structures, communicated through a kind of cinematic shorthand. The paintings develop a methodology for interacting with the city generating tension between the virtual and the embodied, as well as the factitious and the factual. Essential to the paintings is a sort of rearrangement of the facts, the objects that comprise the scene, and how they are composed, focus his paintings on the formal problem regarding the relation between figure and ground. Though Rubsamen's paintings strip away everything extraneous in the landscape they are not apocalyptic, rather they celebrate the formal relationships and abstract qualities implicit in the urban complexity.

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