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Italy from the viewpoint of its gallerists: the new digital platform to discover Italian excellence.

Out of the vision of nine of the most influential galleries in Italy, comes a first-hand guide to the country’s art, culture and contemporary lifestyle, written and illustrated by the gallerists themselves.


ITALICS Art and Landscape is an all-digital editorial platform that will spotlight the profound cultural experiences cultivated on the Italian territory by its most celebrated gallerists, exploring the extraordinary art heritage of the country. Through insightful storytelling and eye-catching photography, readers will be offered a sense of discovery and unrivalled access to explore Italy.

The project stems from an idea Lorenzo Fiaschi (Galleria Continua) and Pepi Marchetti Franchi (Gagosian) had in April 2020 at the height of lockdown during the pandemic: to develop a new mode of cultural and human encounter between lovers of art in step with today’s digital age. A workgroup rapidly formed around the concept, made up of Alfonso Artiaco, Ludovica Barbieri (Massimo De Carlo), Massimo Di Carlo (Galleria dello Scudo), Francesca Kaufmann (kaufmann repetto), Massimo Minini, Franco Noero and Carlo Orsi, in addition to Fiaschi and Marchetti Franchi. 

Driven by the desire to build a network based on collaboration and shared experience, the nine gallerists invited fiftyfour of the best Italian galleries in contemporary, modern and ancient art to take part in the project, uniting them in a genuine consortium. It is the first time that a group of sixtythree galleries from all over Italy, able to represent the art of all times at the highest level - from the ancient to the emerging one, has come together to institute a system around a long-term project. The new body will contribute to artistic discourse across Italy’s cultural infrastructure including institutions, museums, fairs and biennials.

In its choice of name, which in typography serves to indicate the cursive font used to emphasize and personalize key points - or the ‘special’ parts of a text - ITALICS Art and Landscape aims to distil what is most precious in Italy. The gallerists will present Italy, exploring some of the least known aspects of its cultural heritage and at the same time, drawing attention to refined facets of Italian production. In doing so, it will offer an unprecedented view of a lifestyle that is revered globally.

ITALICS is aimed at a sophisticated and cosmopolitan audience of collectors and culture enthusiasts; a community of travellers and connoisseurs who often have a deep love for Italy. Readers will be able to recognize in the gallerist a person with similar interests and passions, discovering through his or her work, stories and recommendations, and the immense amount of beauty that is distributed all over the peninsula.

‘Our objective is to keep up interest in the Italian territory, forming new relationships to reinforce, even if at a distance for the moment, the special ties with our public, stirring the desire to come back to visit our country,’ explain the gallerists behind ITALICS.

Designed by the Milanese creative studio Leftloft, the ITALICS platform is made up of a website, newsletter and Instagram profile, to which new content will be regularly added. The heart of the website - in Italian, English and Chinese - consists of new editorial content written with a very personal touch by the gallerists and accompanied by original images. Setting out to present places, traditions and anecdotes, these recommendations are characterized by the extreme refinement of the experiences suggested, indicating in a new way, partners of distinction across culture, catering and hospitality. ITALICS calls on its partners to contribute to the support of the platform, establishing an effective system that will involve business, art, places and the public.

Through their own dedicated space, each gallery owner will have the opportunity to share their story and experiences, bringing the ITALICS public behind the scenes of their business. The newsletter and Instagram profile will help to publicize the contents of the website, drawing attention with continuity to new editorial features, to events staged around the country and major ones in the Italian art world. An interactive map on the website will make it possible to visualize immediately all the experiences and locations recommended.

The ITALICS Art and Landscape website,, will be online from October 5, 2020, preceded by posts on Instagram: the profile is active from September 14, 2020.

ITALICS Art and Landscape has been set up to meet the pressing needs of the pandemic, but it stems from something its founders have felt to be necessary for a while - establishing a system to liven up the artistic and creative world that operates in Italy, highlighting in a new way the extraordinary riches of the country’s cultural heritage. In the prospect of forming a network of sharing, a visionary and natively digital project is getting under way, a distinctive, dynamic, innovative and inclusive channel aimed at exploring new horizons to show what it is that makes Italy unique in the world.

Through articles, post, suggestions and recollections written in a familiar tone, light is thrown on the figure of the gallerist, not just as an operator in the art world, but as someone who is an enthusiastic cultivator of the multiple and often undiscovered occasions of beauty Italy is able to offer.

Unlike the numerous platforms that provide information on works and exhibitions, ITALICS represents a unique experience in so far as it restores the three-dimensionality of relations that over the last few months has been flattened of necessity and reactivates the climate of direct interaction and human exchange on which the strength of the tie between gallerist and public has historically been based.

ITALICS Art and Landscape has been launched with the long-term vision of soon being able to add new live events to the online presence and of continuing with the development of further services aimed at utilising, in an original and productive way, all the possibilities offered by the digital sphere.



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