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Juan Uslé was born in 1954 in Santander (Spain). He lives and works between Benissa (Spain) and New York (USA).

Juan Uslé's works are interactions of lines and colours that enclose and include a great variety of historical-artistic references, pictorial languages, as well as sensory and mental impressions. Painting itself is also an important element of his research, as a language and a tool.

The artist creates a formal comparison between the different media he uses, identifying, however, in plaster, arranged in layers in the preparation of the canvas, the element that will always be readable in every phase of his painting. The everlasting and somehow always decipherable presence of this material also becomes a symbol of a wider philosophical resonance: the beginning is present and coexists with the end, the painting is a self-sufficient entity, a complete object not only within its four sides, but also in the vertical stratification of its surface.

The pictorial process consists of a natural harmony between the manual act and the intellectual choices behind every artistic action. Movement, or rather, displacement, is a key and recurring theme in the artist’s work. In Juan Uslé's artistic research we can read a constant dichotomy between elements which are both opposite and complementary: order and chaos, presence and absence, two-dimensionality and depth. Most of his works are juxtapositions of areas of colour and lines that seem to come and go as if they were fragments of a more complex story.

His paintings lead the viewer into a convoluted space; we can read a further dichotomy in Uslé’s precise articulation, which seems to indicate a specific direction while, paradoxically, it also leaves the way open for the viewer's free interpretation.

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