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lawrence weiner
If Silence Was
07.09.2006 - 14.10.2006

lawrence weiner - 2006

Alfonso Artiaco is delighted to announce the opening of Lawrence Weiner ’s solo show "If Silence Was" on Thursday 7th September at 20.00, with the artist present.

Lawrence Weiner was born in New York in 1942. He lives and works in New York and Amsterdam. He has showed in the most prestigious Contemporary Art Museums as: the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Washington D.C, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Musée d' Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum Ludwig, the Castello di Rivoli. 
Like other Conceptual artists Weiner has investigated forms of display and distribution that challenge traditional assumptions about the nature of the art object. The conceptual art interrogates the artistic creation process, the thought and the language. In Lawrence Weiner’s work language assumes a real sculptural value.

In 1969 Lawrence Weiner enunciated his conception of art:

  1. The artist may construct the piece
  2. The piece may be fabricated
  3. The piece need not be built

Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist, the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.”
As expressed in this statement the production of the work can be realized not directly by the artist. In that conception, also present in Minimalism, what is important in the artistic creation is not the realization of the artwork but the idea underneath, the project from which the artwork results.
Lawrence Weiner’s works can be realized with painted or applied words on every kind of walls in galleries or museum, but they can also consist of words only said, of designed language or the building of the meaning of the words themselves. The material is language+ the materials referred to. 
After his important show at the Castello di Rivoli (March – July 2006) Lawrence Weiner presents for his second personal show at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery a new specific project. Trough his new textual installations, Weiner invites us to an interrogation on the nature of the silence and on its formal beauty.

lawrence weiner - 2006

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