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lello lopez
12.09.2014 - 31.10.2014

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition by Lello Lopez , Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 7 pm, in the presence of the artist.

Assioma della memoria is the title of the second show by Lello Lopez (the first in 2011) at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery. For this new occasion the artist presents four new works: three large works on canvas and one sculpture from wood and copper .

“The axiom is a self-evident truth, it is not provable. 
Memory is a powerful truth that prompts us to think over reality, it suggests definitions of the person’s self and of the liability of the relationship with the other people. 
The memory keeps traces of the initial interactions with the environment and with the formation of the emotional quality of the experience. 
"The Axiom of Memory" results from these thoughts. 
The images disconnected and fragmented, which are composed in a chessboard drawn by the mind, proceed without the help of words towards the regions of logic, in the excitement of  analysis.
The core of the exhibition consists of images on large canvas made with digital printing systems and painted with acrylic colour.” (Lello Lopez)

The concept dear to the artist of “relationship” understood as the relationship between the presence and the work of art, featuring his research, has evolved towards conceptual and formal art since the eighties / nineties to today. The sculptures / structures of the beginning of his career, were "frequented" by the viewer, "who turned around them and looked at them" (Interview by Gabriele Perretta). Without abandoning it, Lello Lopez distances himself from a strictly sculptural training, to embrace the works on canvas. The result of those years becomes a "surface installed": “ I structured the surface of the picture with copper geometric lines. [...]. Gathering the wall symbolic installation with the sculpture that “frequented” the space". The focus on the concept of interaction between presence and work changed since the exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Naples in 2005, "Stories", where he experienced history. He presented a collection of works created by the combination of digital photo, new formal element, and painting depicting people from the everyday reality of the artist, who have chosen to tell their experience and put it at the service of the artist. This experience has led the interest in the 'social' "that is no longer the social of the sculpture for its setting, its location in space; but which is the social that comes from the comparison with the stories that actually in their story, in their performance, give in their narration of the lives, the meaning of life. " In this way, a bit like the ‘hyperrealists’ who extending out of all proportion the details, transformed realism into abstraction, [Lello Lopez]  expanding reality and objectify to such an extent that abstracts.“(Gabriele Perretta)
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