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marco neri
12.11.2010 - 12.01.2011

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition of Marco Neri Friday, November 12, 2010 at 7.30 PM, in the presence of the artist.

In this new circumstance, the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery in Project Space presents Marco Neri’s solo exhibition. It is a long time now that the artist is engaged in the 'redemption of the paint [...] towards the media which (are) widely considered to be best equipped to interpret our time' (Alfredo Sigolo). Marco Neri retrieves from the traditional culture the category of 'landscape', which focuses on the formal research opening up new possibilities in the contemporary landscape painting. Born in Forlì in 1968, he lives and works in Torriana (Rimini) and Ravenna, where he teaches painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2001 he participated in the Venice Biennale curated by Harald Szeemann with ' Quadro mondiale”, a group work consisting in 192 paintings depicting the flags of all nations, that stood on the front of the Italian Pavilion. In recent years he made many personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including "Omission" in the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci and "Malerei" at the Diözesanmuseum in Munich. 
Marco Neri chose to exhibit in the space of Piazza dei Martiri the recent evolution of his paintings of ‘anthropized landscapes'. The unrealistic and still ideal architecture or 'landscape with figures', points to the imaginary subsurface, to the' Underworld. " Although his work never lets the factual reality that they evoke, the architectural lines blend portrayed in a network of parallel lines and dots of light that 'intercept orthogonally the eye' of the viewer (AS). The formal synthesis and the increasing reduction of the colour range involve the viewer in an atmosphere with a strong evocative power. 

"... As for me, I can say that painting is the body of the image, depth of the surface, trace of life, time converted into space, psychic means of transport, spatial organization and daydream, and at the same time is alive, carnal, yet immortal. (Marco Neri) 
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