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marco neri

marco neri
22.11.2014 - 10.01.2015

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Marco Neri’s solo exhibition,  on Saturday, November 22nd at 7:00 pm, in the artist presence.

“Marcobaleno” gathers and presents a selection of works, mostly unreleased, starting from 2007, through which Marco Neri (born in 1968 in Forlì), kept on confronting himself with the act of painting and its different tecniques: from gouache on handmade paper to acrylic on linen or board, from collages to polyptychs of paintings assembled to form three dimensional urban or imaginary landscapes, as it’s seen in “Retaggio Italiano” (2014). In this recent works, indeed, the artist pushes the depiction to its ultimate extreme, where it almost meets sculpture, using materials different from paintings just as if they were paper and colour to probe the expressive possibilities of the two-dimensional space,.
The title of the exhibition, “Marcobaleno”, is a calembour made from the name of the artist and the word “arcobaleno”, which means rainbow, and it’s related to the number seven, as the lapse of time in which the works were realized was in fact seven years; the time that the artist lived as through a kind of chromatic spectrum, a rainbow indeed, in which instead of colours emerge the different expressive languages that know how to become metaphors and reflections, observations and synthesis, to show once again the potential of painting.
The range of colours, as of forms, are once again as minimized as possible, to expand the visual and expressive possibilities, that result the wider the simpler. This very curt mode of operation has distinguished Marco Neri’s work over the years and from this very procedure originated numerous and various series of works, known to the public, which are, in all their ramifications, the real engine of a depiction that overcome every twentieth-century polarity between rapresentation and abstraction.

Graduated from the Art Institute in Forlì and the Fine Art Academy in Bologna in 1992, Marco Neri begins to exhibit his works in the late ‘80s.
Since the beginning, the attitude of the artsit moved towards the recovery of painting.
He partecipates subsequently in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, such as “Intercity Uno”(*) at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice (1990), “Cambio di Guardia”(*) at Studio d’Arte Cannaviello in Milan (1995), “Martiri e Santi”(*) at Galleria L’Attico in Rome (1996), and “Pittura”(*) at Castello di Rivara in Turino (1997). Follows “Figuration”(*) at Rupertinum Museum in Salzburg and at Museoin in Bolzano (1999/2000), “Futurama”(*) at Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea L.Pecci in Prato (2000) and “Premio Michetti – Differenti prospettive in Pittura”(*) at Museum F.P. Michetti in Francavilla (2000).
In 2001 he holds a solo exhibition (with A. Salvino) in the “Spazio Aperto”(*) of Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna and, the same year, at the invitation of Harald Szeemann, he attends the 49th Biennale di Venezia, “Platea dell’Umanità”(*)

Among his main solo exhibitions: “Rinverdire il classico”(*) and “Sostenere lo sguardo”(*) at Galleria Fabjbasaglia in Rimini (1995 and 1998 respectively); “Skyline”(*) at Haus-Schneider Gallery in Karlsruhe (1998); “Windows 99” at Galleria dell’Immagine dei Musei Comunali in Rimini (1999); “Come into my room” at Hilger/Artlab Gallery in Vienna (2000); “Io spazio” at Galleria Alberto Peola in Turin (2002); “Malerei”(*) at DiozesanMuseum in Munich (2002); “Mirabilandia + Biblioteca Persiana”(*) at Museo dell’Arredo Contemporaneo di Russi in Ravenna (2003); “Nessun Dogma”(*) at Galleria Emilio Mazzoli in Modena (2004); “Mars Black” at Lucas Schoormans Gallery in New York (2006); “Omissis”(*) at Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci di Prato (2006); “Homelife”(*) at Galleria Fabjbasaglia in Rimini (2008); “Underworld” at Galleria Alfonso Artiaco in Napoli (2010); “Giardini” at Galleria Pack in Milan (2011); “Passante incrociato”(*) at Centro Arti Visive della Fondazione Pescherie di Pesaro (2012).
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