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melissa kretschmer
Plane Series
30.10.2008 - 09.12.2008

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Melissa Kretschmer Plane Series on October 30th at 7.30 pm. The artist will be present.

Melissa Kretschmer, born in California (Santa Monica) in 1962, for her first solo exhibition at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery proposes the new "Plane Series". "This series of works are collage-like, low relief constructions made of layers of beeswax, graphite, paper and thin plywood. In my mind they exist somewhere between painting and sculpture, where aspects of each are revealed to be inextricably linked: flatness and depth; color and matter; transparency, translucency and opacity; light and shadow. My interest in materials derives from their particular properties and qualitative differences, and because each imparts its own unique, inherent color. 
I try to approach the work with a sense of accuracy rather than precision, the first being more powerful and about the rightness of the whole entity rather than the fit of its individual parts. The works impart a sense of precision but there are imperfections that run throughout. While accuracy does not preclude imperfection, precision does and often at the loss of a sense of the whole." (Melissa Kretschmer)

Wax becomes the main element of her work for the variability of their liquidity and luminosity of one degree or another, as well as for their own inherent colour. These, melted and brushed on the sheets of paper or plywood, vary by degrees in its translucency and colour depending on the number of layers applied. Beeswax develops a rich colour the longer it is exposed to heat. In these multi-layers, the original colours of the beeswax is juxtaposed against the deep black of the graphite. 
The geometric structure of these "assemblages" just confirms the mercurial properties of these materials. According to Melissa Kretschmer the unpredictability of the materials' often-changing nature has become more accentuated within a more rigorous format. The works may give the appearance of being precise in incremental measurements or sharpness of edge - but there are imperfections throughout - a ragged edge or too-thick drop of wax; a not-clean-cut thickness of plywood or glass (another element in her works).
The Melissa Kretschmer's research is about light and its relationship to matter. "How matter reveals as much about light as light reveals about matter. How light becomes carved matter and matter carves light. How the two reveal each other's continual states of change. Most profoundly, I have come to understand that art itself is a kind of light." (Melissa Kretschmer)

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