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melissa kretschmer
New Works
16.12.2011 - 11.02.2012

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce Melissa Kretschmer’s exhibition opening on Friday, December, 16, 2011 at 7.30 pm. The artist will be present.

The American artist Melissa Kretschmer (born in Santa Monica, California in 1962) is back at Alfonso Artiaco gallery after her first solo show in 2008, presenting a selection of new works.
Her bas-reliefs or assemblages, created by overlapping surfaces, natural elements as bee-wax, graphite, paper and plywood, and always in between painting and sculpture, are now enriched by a new element: the Dura-Lar film.

“These latest works are a continuation of “Plane Series” with a slight variation…the introduction of a new material, the Dura-Lar film. I came upon the material purely by chance because I bought what I thought was a package of translucent paper only to discover that it was in fact plastic sheeting, a preferred acetate alternative used by graphic designers. What else to do but try to employ it in the work in some manner?

Plastic typically does not accept a water-based medium like gouache…unless, as I discovered, one alternately paints the surface and rubs it down with a paper towel and repeats the process until the fluid matter begins to adhere to it, as if to paper. So I was able to prepare larger brushy, gray, translucent sheets that I could cut up and use as another collage material in the works.

As thin as the material is, the material still has a more physical presence than a mere coat of gouache directly on the surface of the work. And because the actual painted surface is on the underside of the adhered thickness it has a different feel than if it were floating on top. It becomes buried within, even if within the shallowest of depths.

A new element, another note, a varied chord, a subtle shift in a series I have been working in for some time now…it feels like a new, an other, even if still familiar, set of sequences…hence the titles’ references to music. The terms are not specific to each work but dispensed according to the feeling of a moment.“ (Melissa Kretschmer, 7 December, 2011)

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