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alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986


Michel François was born in 1956 in Saint-Trond (Belgium). He lives and works in Brussels.

Michel François is a conceptual artist who makes sculptures, videos, photographs, prints, paintings and installations. He uses an assortment of means to transform seemingly simple objects and materials, or traces of past events, into deeply resonant carriers of meaning. The artist bases his practise on the tension of materials, on the resulting balances and the contaminations of plastic forms, on a fictitious loss of control, always calculated yet unpredictable. He claims no signature style but creates a web of shifting connections among his works and for each exhibition. His work can be seen as a constant exploration of cause and effect, and the ways in which simple gestures can change the status of an object or have important consequences. The artist’s works have often been developed and assembled because of their formal and conceptual affinities. In many ways, François’ sculptures, images and drawings offer themselves as forms of appearance and disappearance, where the material seems to expand and shrink into itself. Objects and subjects are there, but in a sort of fragile status, as if they had been captured by the artist just before their disappearance or dispersion. It seems that things are emerging or expanding here and now that the viewer is looking at them.

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