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niele toroni
Vedi Napoli e poi… le impronte di pennello n.50 ripetute ad intervalli regolari di 30cm
15.03.2004 - 08.05.2004

niele toroni - 2004

Alfonso Artico gallery is glad to announce the opening of the show of Niele Toroni «Vedi Napoli e poi… le impronte di pennello n.50 ripetute ad intervalli regolari di 30cm" on 18th March, with the presence of the artist.

Niele Toroni was born in Locarno-Muralto (Switzerland). He lives and works in Paris since 1959. He has exhibited in the most prestigious museum, institutions and internationial galleries. He will present at the Alfonso Artiaco gallery a site-specific project for the dei Martiri's space.

Conceptual artist, Toroni's works are marked by their radicalism. In Niele Toroni's production the request of a return to the zero degree of the painting is present. Its job emphasizes the distance of the painting regarding the expression of the subjectivity, its absolute distance from the temptation of the narration of the reality or the representation of an external truth. Toroni proposes a drastic return to the essence of the pictorial gesture. He asks through his work what can mean today to paint, after the several manifestos and movements that have characterized the history of the contemporary art.

"My great utopy, my great foolishness (if you want!) is to believe that there is still the possibility to make something after Pollock, without using - or valuing them, or devaluing them-preexistent shapes ".

Toroni's paintings seem to suggest that to paint today, can exclusively consist in showing what the painting is in its primordial weft: to paint means always to apply a pigment, on a support generally with the medium of a paint-brush. The method created by this artist, the same since 1967, is the application of the color on a level surface, repeating on a variable given support (canvas, wood, walls...) the prints of paint-brush n°50 with regular intervals of 30 cm. The only visible variations are those of the color and of the surface to paint. Paintings of Toroni Neither are neither representative, neither constructive (for means of the color, the composition and weft).

They only expresse their own materiality. If Toroni follows a systematic method berthed to a rythmic and geometric succession, the repetition of the print reveals guaranty the infinite possibilities of the work/painting.

niele toroni - 2004

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