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niele toroni
18.12.2008 - 31.01.2009

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Niele Toroni's solo show, on Thursday 18th December 2008 at 7.30 pm, the artist will be present.

For the fourth solo show at Alfonso Artiaco gallery (1989, 2001, 2004) Niele Toroni will present a specific project specifically tailored for the gallery space in Piazza dei Martiri, in Naples.

Niele Toroni born in 1937 in Locarno-Muralto (Switzerland), lives and works in Paris since 1959. From 1960 he showed in the most prestigious museum, institutions and international galleries.

The radicalism and the will to return to the basics of painting characterize the works of the Swiss artist. The lack of subjectivity and narration of one's own experience or external reality highlights a decisive recovery of the very essence of the pictorial gesture thus suggesting, after the various innovations and movements that have followed one another in the history of modern and contemporary art, a way of painting essentially aimed to show the painting in its primordial texture. That is the simple application of a pigment on a support, in its case canvas, paper, wood, walls..., by means of a brush.
Toroni's method, never modified since 1967, is precisely the application of colour on a flat surface of the impressions of a brush n50 at regular intervals of 30 cm. The painting thus becomes only a means of expressing its own materiality, different only in hues and surface. A systematic, rhythmic and geometric work, however, is contrasted by the repetition of the imprint that in its infinite possibilities of variation leads to the diversification of the work itself.

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