alfonso artiaco
alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986

perino & vele
05.10.2001 - 05.11.2001

perino & vele - 2001

On Friday 5 October Alfonso Artiaco gallery opens his expositive season 2001/2001 with a new show of the young artists Perino & Vele.
The artists will save a big surprise for visitors: the installations that they prepared involve all the space of the gallery.
Perino & Vele have completely revolutionized their way to "make art": the sculptures on which the two artists relied their figurative intent (and generally communicative) and that however, they solved intrinsically their role , now they handed over their place to a big installation that involves all the space of the gallery.
In the past, visitors of their shows find themselves completely lost: they find in the expositive space part of their everyday life, rediscovering in the empty space bounded from Perino & Vele's sculptures, their common daily objects (clothes, cars, furnitures, tools, containers, etc.), from which it was possible observing only the empty shell, it gave back the form but not the role. 
In this show the two young speak about themselves, they describe "their" world, "their" way of working. The ability to involve the visitor is not changed; but it is changed the instrument used for this purpose: the two artists haven't measured themselves only with some objects, with some sculptures, but with all the space that they have to their disposal for the show. 
Perino & Vele transformed the gallery like an appendage of their study: visitor finds himself in front of the entrance of two depots where it is stockpiled a very big quantity of fresh paper-pulp not still used and that presses, against the shutters that close the two admissions because it is still in fermentation. 
If first the two artists affirmed that the final purpose of "soaking information" was " to create their information", now they seem to show the danger or only the fear in this moment, of imposing their way to see, their vision of reality.
The paper-pulp, their usual material of work, it is derived from the soaking of thousands of pages of dailies and magazines, it is - still fresh stockpiled in depots and it waits for receiving a form or simply to be put down with care on some objects to steal the form.
Besides, on two washing lines are hanged like quilts two fresh layers of paper-pulp only just produced: the two artists haven't still decided on which surfaces to lay them so they leave that they harden themselves in that position, that, more and more, it appears as the materialization of the same wait or of the doubt of the choose.
With this surprise, these two layers of paper-pulp reveal to the public their interior, what usually it is put down with care on the objects and that it is hidden: all that is revealed, it is the perspective grill formed from cubic volumes with sides rounded the same one with which the two artists build the space of their drawings..Perino & Vele show that with this perspective scheme, they don't build only drawings but sculptures, too. It forms an "ironic" space because it is othogonal and curved at the same time - through whom, as in the linear scheme that is at the basis of the elaboration of the 3D reality on computer, it is possible to recreate "its" tridimensional reality.

Marco Izzolino

perino & vele - 2001

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