alfonso artiaco
alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986


Emiliano Perino (born in New York in 1973) e Luca Vele (born in Rotondi in 1975). They live and work in Rotondi (Campania).

Twenty-six years of artistic partnership. Twenty-six years of patient research and investigation on the sculptural language. Perino & Vele have always played with the ability of the viewers to recognize in their sculptures a reference to their daily reality, to the objects around them, to the situations that they trigger, but showing them through a new light and perspective. The essential tool for their practise is the papier-mâché. Their vision, iconic yet ironic, is based on a sculpture process to be understood as a breaking down and reconstruction of the matter itself: from the pulping of paper, a necessary operation to carry out in order to produce the papier-mâché, to its reshaping which allows to create forms with deeper meanings. They pulp newspapers of various colours, recycle their pages in a mixture of words and images, a media mixture that, once shaped, communicates again as a work of art. Each sculpture is silent but tells a lot of what is around it, it is a critical and autonomous exercise on society, current events, the contemporary art system, and it becomes an action towards reality. Sarcasm, a controversial vein and a deep ethical sense are always present in Perino & Vele’s works, even when the subjects are different. Over the years, their art works have become more and more monumental, once again in ironic contrast with the material that they are made of. The two artists have developed a very recognizable and unmistakable style, nourished by continuous counterpoints and paradoxes that become symbols of the clash/encounter of different instances that bring out their artistic personality.

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