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Baruffa in galleria

raffaele luongo
Baruffa in galleria
13.12.2006 - 03.02.2007

Alfonso Artiaco is pleased to announce the opening of Raffaele Luongo’s solo exhibition on Wednesday 9th December at 19.30, the artist will be present.

Raffaele Luongo, born in 1966 in Caracas, is exhibiting for the first time in the Piazza dei Martiri space presenting indicative works to demonstrate his artistic vision.  The main characteristic of this young artist is the necessity to use, particularly in this moment, his own blood as a unique way of telling his story and conserving his memories.  The predominant materials in his work, blood and “white satin card” become agents for expressing himself. The residual nature and the fragility of these elements in his works demonstrate a desire to remove its sense.

In works such as “My peasant roots” it is actually the method in which the work is realised which reveals its message.  17 “white satin card” buckets are positioned and grouped in the centre of the gallery.  Inside each bucket there is a caption from a comic book or an image from the artist’s past.  In this way the work becomes a practical translation of the action of remembering (that is putting them in the buckets).  The purity of this space that is produced evokes a parallel space in which the works seem to be extracted directly from the artist’s mind.

In Lounge’s drawings and works such as “Baruffa in Galleria”, reality is reduced to a simplification, he enters into the stories of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, reducing existence into a two-dimensional form.  In works such as “Raffaele e l’idromuseo d’Arte Contemporanea”, “Raffaele and the hydro museum of Contemporary Art” the artist imagines, just like in the stories of these cartoon characters, he is crossing a contemporary art museum full of water, a “hydro museum”, within the transparent sphere.  The random movement in which the sphere moves, which is then replicated in the video, guides the spectator through the artist’s previous works, reproduced in miniature.

In the work “Raffaele e l’autoritratto senza residui”, “Raffaele and the self-portrait without residues”, Luongo has constructed a mechanism in which a band saw, placed above a white bed, moves at intervals and then unexpectedly there is a pause, a void, after a few seconds of movement.  It is exactly this emptiness produced by one still element, like the bed and another, a frenzied movement like the saw which has captured the attention of the artist.

“I draw images of that which has formed me.  They are junctures that let different periods of my life coexist, forming a complete organism.  The blood irrigates them but then it clots and oxidises in an instant.
The blood in its nature expels the body, the organism and its circulation to present itself as an “actual” residual element, in which its coagulation ends up in the drawing, the anecdote. 
My body becomes a configuration of surfaces
(Configuration is the continuous theme of all my designs)” [Raffaele Luongo]
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