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raffaele luongo
ancora mi attardo, ragion per cui
27.10.2011 - 10.12.2011

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition of Raffaele Luongo on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 7.30 pm. The artist will be present.
Raffaele Luongo (born in Caracas in 1966) is back to Alfonso Artiaco gallery after the exhibition of 2006, with a project, specifically dedicated to the Project Space of Piazza dei Martiri, which combines the presence of new formal elements with the concepts of residual and interior analysis that characterized his research over the years.

The viewer is immersed in a space divided between the work entitled “Miei cari genitori, ancora mi attardo, ragion per cui, divido l’attenzione tra me, tutto il nostro aver fatto e il tempo saturnino del dottor Isak Borg” and a voice which tells / explains the work itself.

"All the exhibition concerns a work of inner transformation. The departure point (from a formal point of view) is the fragment of a Bergman film and the arrival point, not necessarily the end, is the recitation of a letter addressed to my parents, which tells the work, and becomes a residue of the work itself.
I believe that an action generated by a long thought produces a long residue / witness, whose length can be measured from everywhere. I also believe that there are strong witnesses through which you can physically trace back to the action and the thought that produced them.

And the residues were things, and things are all places, times, actions that they were subject to and that they have produced. All that is impressed on them with signs more or less perceptible. Also, all the invisible signs, micro variations of shapes and frequencies that make things so different from what appear at first impression on the retina are interesting. My worktable is this. More or less perceptible, it is a set of filaments made of other things that, taken individually, may be uninteresting stories but, all together at the worktable, they become a universal configuration.
Speaking of what remains may actually seem banal, provided that we won't focus on the remaining as such. What's important is how to produce it and if its duration is measurable.
My observing myself and my actions produce a dross which is the result of a skilled action. We say that the residue is not worth in itself as to the thinking that produced it. My thought is real, it spreads over the reality and makes feasible the unworkable ". (Raffaele Luongo)

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