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rita mcbride
03.05.2007 - 02.06.2007

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Rita McBride's solo exhibition on Thursday 3rd May at 19.30, in the presence of the artist.

McBride's work searches the possible permeability between sculpture, architecture and design, through the attention for the space and the use of everyday objects. The sculptures reflect the relationship between visible and the not visible one.
Rita McBride analyzes how the relationship between an object and the material, in which it is realized, is determined by perceptual patterns: affirming the space-altering potential of sculptural form, the same sculpture transcends its materiality. The material becomes, therefore, in itself a carrier of meaning, exceeding the seemingly obvious synthesis of form, function and used means. In 1990, in fact, Rita McBride constructed a life-scale model of the Toyota using, as material, the rattan cane: associating a typical element of the handicraft context to a product of high-tech mass production.

For her first show at the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery, after her participation at the PAN|Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Rita McBride shows new sculptures realized with the traditional materials, such as steel and glass. The sculptures, objects that inquire the relationship between function and form, turn just in the form of the tools we use to organise the space around us. American artist uses a series of drafting templates, which are typical of the architect and designer's work, and remarkably modifies their dimensions. These 'Tools for Sculptures', which she therefore defines, propose forms opened to various readings: from simple abstract shapes to complex electrical circuits. The sculptures altogether evoke places such as machine shops or architects' offices, and become abstractions of the possible interpretations of the same objects. 
McBride inquires the main characteristic (basic element) of all sculpture: the setting of an object in space. If we observe the 'tools' on a smaller scale, each circle or square represents a potential physical thing taking up a specific volume in the real space.
Precision cut of her sculptures, in fact, bares the same industrial procedure, which hides back the architectonic products-projects. The artist's work, also, surveys how sculpture can be propped, leaned, or hung.

"Tools are forged from plausible lies, contrived to represent an reality sufficiently convincing so that we do not question their by-products. The tools we use to conjure up this world become powerful. They acquire a secret life; an ambiguous life [...]" (R. McBride)

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