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rita mcbride
06.05.2010 - 05.06.2010

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Rita McBride's solo exhibition "Profili", on Thursday May 6th at 7.30 pm. The artist will attend the opening.

In the main space the Alfonso Artiaco gallery shows the new work by Rita McBride. The American artist (born in 1960 in Des Moines Iowa), starting from her education as an architect, looks into the many potentialities that the architectural forms and the typical tools of this field can have, becoming integral parts of our life and forms of our relationship with the world. 
The two series of sculptures shown at the gallery, made with neon, bronze and marble, are described from the artist in this way:

The origins of mouldings lie in the desire to refine artistically, though light and shade, the necessary elements of construction (of structures) and to articulate their connection. 
(Given my interest in modernism and architectural structures this concerns me in terms of ornamentation which mouldings are not)

Mouldings are unnecessary as factors of structure. 
(are they only ornamental?)

A Moulding, as its name indicates, is a modelled surface. Mouldings are not representations or imitations of nature, but are artificial creations of man (sculptures?)

Mouldings define and accentuate structure and form and occur at the places of changes of surface, of material, of intention of expression, and of articulation of complex structures. 
(I am interested in this functional aspect which is not structural)

Rita McBride

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