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thomas hirschhorn
Plan B
31.01.2003 - 28.02.2003

thomas hirschhorn - 2003

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is happy to announce the opening of the first Thomas Hirschhorn's solo exhibition in Italy, on Friday 31st of January. The artist will present "Plan B" specifically realized for the occasion.

"I will try to explain in a few words the new work, "Plan B" that I am preparing for the Alfonso Artiaco's Gallery. The "Plan B" could also be called " Absence of Strategy", "Total Confusion" or "Wrong Calculation". The one who must have a "Plan B" is an executor. He doesn't possess Ideas, Projects or Visions. He applies a "Plan B" because he is forced to, and a Plan B, because the Plan A has failed. I am today in this situation in relation with war, terrorism, violence, with the American mass media's invasion. The Plan A won't succeed.
Then I must follow a "Plan B", which belongs to the ones who decides for me. I have no will to clarify the situation, my position; I have only the obligation to apply this plan B"
" Concretely I want to use only a gallery's part, changing it from the ground to the walls, in an uncertain place, a place where several persons meet each other, even if they don't know one another, persons who discuss, trying to understand but not managing to, how all this will fall on them.
All the "Plan B" are disastrous not only in relation with war but also with life, art, work. Only in Art, and Philosophy there are no"Plan B".

thomas hirschhorn - 2003

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