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alfonso artiaco
founded in 1986

tursic & mille
Pasta al nero di Seppia
11.06.2015 - 31.07.2015

Alfonso Artiaco is pleased to announce the opening of the show of Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille, Pasta al nero di Seppia, on Thursday 11th of June, at 7.30 pm
in the presence of the artists

For the first time, Alfonso Artiaco holds a solo exhibition by the artistic duo Tursic & Mille, with new artworks, eight canvases plus eighteen papers.
Both born in 1974, they have chosen Dijon as the place where to live and work. 
As Eric Troncy said "these young artists are still fascinated by the way in which Manet used to paint a barn or how Cezanne portrayed an apple." 
Tursic & Mille, motivated by rather unconventional attitude to their peers, are sharing a strong passion for the pictorial tradition. 
Starting from a database patiently built over these years, of 140.000 images grouped by topic, the artists mix a more classical tradition with contemporaneity. The result is a strong and always various mix of techniques and subject hard to label. 
Abstract and figurative melt together into the same subject leaving the spectator free to focus on every single detail as if they were a separate part in a larger and more complex story. The artists invite us to get closer to the painting and focus into the details: portraits, landscapes, abstract, geometric forms and optical experiments are mixing continuously. The beauty of this artwork comes from the interweaving of the most grandiose classicism as a media of the painting, to the absolutely contemporaneity of the images choose. 
As we are accustomed to a world where the images run fast, it becomes a new and almost disconcerting experience to decide to stop and focus on something that we are used to see but in a different way.
As well as in the case of the paintings now on display "Pasta al nero di seppia" or "Barboncino bianco, barboncino nero", a popular image taken from gossip magazines results almost surreal due to the exaggeration of details that change the perception. The subject disappears and leaves space to the observation and contemplation of the technical execution of the painting. 
The others works are abstract paintings on canvas. They reproduce piece of papers that Ida and Wilfried use as a sketch to try colours. 
As a result they suggest chance and accidental, both evocative of the great abstract tradition.

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