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Vera Lutter was born in Kaiserslautern (Germany) in 1960. She lives and works in New York.

Since the very beginning, the German artist Vera Lutter chose photography as her artistic tool, with which she investigates the world around her.

Vera Lutter’s photographs are taken using the camera obscura technique, in which each image is preserved as a negative in a striking black and white. Exposed to light for hours, days or even weeks, Lutter's works record the passage of time, turning each image into a unique piece that cannot be altered or modified.

The artist moved to New York in the mid ‘90s and began experimenting with this technique using the bedroom in her Manhattan apartment as her first camera obscura, documenting the city outside her window.

Since then, Lutter has delved into the technique, utilizing movable structures such as cargo containers from which she can photograph multiple sites and subjects. Included among her subjects are monuments, masterpiece paintings, powerful views of New York, Venice, and the Pyramids, as well as the archaeological site of ancient temples in Paestum, the mines in Rheinbraun and industrial sites from all over the world. Lutter immortalizes landscapes which are often familiar to the observer yet exotic due to the transformative effects caused by her long exposures and use of black and white.

With her technique, Lutter continues to redefine conventional photography and its inherent reproducibility.

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