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victoria civera
30.05.2019 - 26.06.2019

Alfonso Artiaco gallery is pleased to announce the opening of recent works by Vicky Civera at the gallery, on Thursday 30th of May 2019, at 7.30 pm, the artist will be present.

For her second show at Alfonso Artiaco gallery, Victoria Civera presents a body of works that well represent the variety of her production. The four rooms dedicated to her, host an interesting mix of two sculptures, eight paintings (two small, five medium and one large) and one video.

The diversity of the medium used by the artist, represents her will, to not be immediately recognizable with a unique style and language. Nevertheless, there are key recurrent themes that could be traced throughout her practise. First of all, all the thematic are investigated with a highly feminine point of view.

Victoria Civera has often been seen as a 'feminist artist', but is important to say that her position towards feminism is manifested by contrasts instead of political criticism. In her works we can often find women, usually alone, as archetypes, free beings, sometimes curious, sometimes wounded, but always strong. 
The feminine aesthetic of Victoria Civera, refers to a universe in which she expands her feelings, emotions and experiences of life in a constant search for dialogue between the figurative world and the abstract world. 
She has achieved a personal language, full of nuances. This complex and contradictory universe, is very much her own space and place in the sense that is organic and alive with interplays, echoes, seductions and tensions.
Discordance and displacement are other two recurrent key elements in her work, which manifest themselves in her poetics, as well as in her final formal visual result.

We can find a kind of 'discordance' in the way she employs collage, juxtaposition and encounter between dissonant materials. With time there has been an incredible increase of material repertoire brought into her work. A wide range of fabrics, plastics, plaster, leather and objects of all shapes and sizes, chosen both for their physical qualities, and for the whole poetic allusion, open up when interpreting of her work.

Discordance can also be detected in her installations, where she mixes the industrial and manufactured or radically changing the scale, enlarging a small model to enormous proportions. By situating herself or her characters in this imprecise area between the known and unknown, she manages to create important points of tension where our focus will be driven.

Victoria Civera moves the world back into a shell, absorbed by what attracts her and sends everything back, reread, digested and changed trough her very personal prospective. Her work demands to be seen to, with a special attention to details, to the minor register of the imagination. 
In Civera's work the creative process involves a permanent state of receptiveness to the environment. She invites the viewer to relate to her work with a sense of waiting, and while waiting, she invites us to relate to the smallest details that make up the work as a whole.

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