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founded in 1986


Victoria Civera was born in Port de Sagunt (Valencia) in 1955.

She lives and works between New York and Saro.

Victoria Civera’s career began during the seventies, with a work initially strongly focused on photomontage and installations.

At the beginning of the 80’s she focuses on paintings where the abstract circle would appear, and during this process a seminal human figure would be present in the centre of these circles.

As the years go by and with the consequent change of country (the artist moved to New York in 1987-88) Civera’s artistic research diversifies and expands through the use of various materials. The artist’s intention avoids a single language, not wanting to become too connected to a single style. Little by little her style and her language extends to include painting, drawing and large installations.

After a beginning in which she was producing mainly small canvases in which she depicted ordinary household objects, Civera’s interest opens up to multidimensional artworks: the construction and uses of materials on the floor, their immersion and expansion into the three-dimensional space, photography, sound and video are conceived as a single unit of her personal language. The point of view of the different themes that she investigates is markedly feminine. In her works we often find women, usually alone, as archetypes, free beings, sometimes curious, sometimes wounded but always strong.

Victoria Civera’s aesthetic refers to a universe in which to expand her feelings, emotions and life experiences in a constant search for dialogue between the figurative world and the abstract world, creating a unitary whole. Her conception of art as a universe is translated in a relentless conceptual quest, which brings together the imaginary worlds of her conscience intermingled with reality: material as syntax, painting-abstraction, density and fragility, evocation and evanescence.

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