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wolfgang laib
The Cobra Snakes are Coming out of the Well at Night
17.09.2008 - 25.10.2008

Alfonso Artiaco is delighted to announce the opening of Wolfgang Laib’s solo exhibition The Cobra Snakes are Coming out of the Well at Night
on September 17th at 7.30 pm.The artist will attend the opening.

For his third exhibition at galleria Alfonso Artiaco Wolfgang Laib proposes a big installation titled “The Cobra Snakes are Coming out of the Well at Night –  or - : “From me alone all has risen, in me all exists, in me all dissolves” (Kaivalya Upanisad)”, that can be seen as the result of his last travel to India .

“This work was realized over the last winter 2007/2008 in my studio in South India and is now shown for the first time in three different versions in the Musée de Grenoble, in gallery Buchmann, Berlin and gallery Artiaco, Napoli.
It is the first major work which I realized since I have a working studio in India. It is the result of a very long relationship to this country in my life – I came to India with my parents as a child, later I made my medical dissertation there, began to study Sanskrit and Indian philosophy after. This work comes out of this lifelong experience, the different components and materials are from there, but then on the other side it is very independent from this and goes much further than India – as the pollen and milk goes much further than Europe.. It has much to do with my experience studying medicine in a western country, trying to be a doctor, finding out that life and our existence is much more than this physical body and searching for what this is all about. So I think it is very independent from any historical culture like the works with pollen and milk, which have a background of European culture but are at the same time very free of this. This work is visually very different from the pollen works and the Milkstones, but it has a very close relationship. The pollen and milk as the beginning of life – the fire and the ashes as the end and a new beginning. The ashes as a symbol of the transformation of the physical world, but also of the renunciation of the material world. The snakes, which have also the form of a knife, stand  for the destruction and the end and the possibility of a new beginning“. (Wolfgang Laib).

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