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Wolfgang Laib - Artecinema 2021

Wolfgang Laib - Artecinema 2021
Teatro Augusteo 
Saturday, October 16, 2021
9 - 10.42 pm

Wolfgang Laib is known for his minimal, but powerfully symbolic works realized with natural elements such as pollen, honey, milk, rice and beeswax. A spiritual artist both in his art and in his life, he merges the East with the West in his daily life as well as in his creative processes. The film retraces the passages which led in 2019 to the realization of the Without Time, Without Place, Without Body exhibition, a truly singular project involving sites of extraordinary historical and artistic value in the heart of Florence.

Wolfgang Laib, Without Time, Without Place, Without Body
Italy, 2021, 42, english, italian, german

direction: Francesco Cacchiani
photography: Francesco Faralli, Alessio Lavacchi, Davide Castagnetti, Francesco Cacchiani
editing: Francesco Cacchiani
music: Salt of the Sound, Jon Gegelman, Michael Vignola, Kyle Preston
production: MUS.E, Museo Novecento Firenze
Wolfgang Laib - Artecinema 2021
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